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LaserAddict Tobacco

Smoking cessation laser center in Grenoble 
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The LaserAddict® Tobacco method helps you to quit smoking through laser treatment. Thousands of smokers have already stopped using this method, with a success rate of around 90%. This method of smoking cessation is totally natural, painless, with no contraindications and no side effects. At the end of withdrawal :

  • Disappearance of dependence

  • No side-effects

  • Without weight gain

The treatment helps to break the addiction to tobacco and cannabis. Physical withdrawal is alleviated thanks to the soft laser session.

We provide personalized coaching to help you overcome psychological dependency.

Together, we will determine your level of dependence and set up a personalized weaning program.

LaserAddict Health

Wellness laser center in Grenoble 
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The LaserAddict® Health method provides solutions to the various problems affecting your health:

The LaserAddict® method: The soft laser is applied to your ear to stimulate several zones (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology) and thus reduce or even stop many disorders such as :

We recommend 3 to 4 sessions to feel a reduction in disorders such as bloating, insomnia, anxiety, hot flushes, or even complete disappearance.
We offer you personalized support.

Find out more about our method for menopausal disorders >

We stimulate several points on each ear to reduce sleep disorders. Accompaniment with discovery of causes, type of insomnia, consequences.
We recommend several regular sessions to feel the benefits of the LaserAddict® method.

Find out more about our method for combating sleep disturbances >

We stimulate several points on each ear which will act on stress, feelings of unease, anxiety and anguish*.
We recommend 3 to 4 regular sessions to feel the benefits on your metabolism. The LaserAddict® method guarantees you a significant sense of well-being.

Find out more about our method for combating stress and anxiety >

This method is not a substitute for drug treatment.

We stimulate several points on each ear in order to reduce weight-loss disorders.

We focus on :

hunger, food drives, stress, anxiety, appetite control.

We offer personalized support: follow-up - nutritional advice - sports advice, in collaboration with our nutrition and fitness consultant (CNRF).

Find out more about our method for weight loss >


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Stop Tobacco Cannabis


 Smoking cessation: laser therapy  

The LaserAddict® method enables people to stop smoking by applying a soft laser to specific areas of the auricle. The laser acts on physical dependence, craving, anxiety and gestures. This method disconnects the addiction synapses for immediate cessation.

 The Laser: an efficient solution 

Under the influence of this withdrawal aid, endorphin production is no longer stimulated by nicotine, but occurs spontaneously and naturally. Thanks to endorphins, the body can overcome its dependence on tobacco. This is how you free yourself from cigarettes. 

The patient is relaxed and feels calm inside for the long term. This method is certainly the most effective support for smoking cessation.

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Quit smoking in 1 session!!!

unique method

High success rate

Without weight gain


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STOP! The word is out. They've made a wise decision: to stop. But banishing "the joint" or "the shit" isn't easy, as various withdrawal-related symptoms appear... often leading to relapse.

But the latter can be avoided!


The LaserAddict® method offers a solution to cannabis withdrawal through laser treatment and support throughout your withdrawal. Dependence on a psychotropic substance means having to take the drug on a regular basis: on stopping, symptoms generally appear in more than half of smokers trying to quit (anxiety, sadness, agitation...). This is why, particularly for heavy smokers, specialists recommend support to help the individual in his or her efforts to abstain and avoid relapse. 

Laser treatment will help you kick your cannabis habit. 

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Who are we?

LaserAddict® is a professional wellness and smoking cessation laser treatment center in Grenoble. Christel and Stéphanie are both former tobacco addicts who were freed from their addiction thanks to gentle laser treatment. Seduced and convinced by this method, they now wish to contribute their expertise by offering a complete support method with regular personalized follow-up in addition to the soft laser treatment. Their goal? Your success. The LaserAddict concept was born.


Totally natural method, pain-free, with no contraindications and no side effects. 

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