laseraddict marieclaire An Innovative Initiative for Wellness and Health, According to An Innovative Initiative for Wellness and Health, According to


Reconnaissance de sur

We are delighted to announce that was featured in an article on the famous website The report describes in detail our innovative approach to health and wellness thanks to auricular reflexology.

Article body

The foundations of LaserAddict highlights our founding in 2022 by Christel and Stéphanie, who have taken various training courses together with the aim of offering wellness to those who need it.

LaserAddict centers in France

The site also indicates that we have several LaserAddict in France, notably in Grenoble, Hyères, Coutances, Montaigu and in Corse à Porto-Vecchiowith others in the pipeline.

The LaserAddict concept and services

Our unique, fast-paced concept enables other people to franchise and create their own center. highlights the diversity of our services to address different issues. Our areas of expertise include wellness (stress, insomnia, weight loss, burnout), menopausal disorders, smoking cessation support and the fight against cannabis addiction.

Our personalized approach to treatment article also underlines our personalized approach to treatment. Each individual is uniqueThis is why the points stimulated vary according to the results sought. In fact, for our weight loss sessionswe work in collaboration with an experienced nutrition consultant to design methods that have proven their effectiveness.

To conclude

Our personalized approach to treatment

We are deeply touched by the recognition that has given us. The strong values of our company, notably support and listening, are essential to us, as the article pointed out. We strive to put people at the center of our concerns, whether for our customers or our franchisees.

For more information, please read the full article on here LASERADDICT: THE WELLNESS SOLUTION WITH AURICULAR REFLEXOLOGY


The future of LaserAddict

We look forward to continuing to offer innovative services for everyone's well-being. Stay tuned for more LaserAddict centers to open soon!

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