Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death.
Discover how to stop smoking cigarettes in just one session with the LaserAddict method.

Quit smoking in 1 session!!!

The laser anti-smoking solution | Stop tobacco

You wish quit smoking and have you tried many techniques? you can't find lasting solutions to your addiction? Patches, hypnosis sessions, electronic cigarettes and medicinal products have not had the desired effect? Thanks to the unique LaserAddict method say goodbye to tobacco permanently and lastingly!

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Laseraddict® is a reliable method. It allows you to get rid of a session of your tobacco addiction, without feeling the harmful physical effects linked to the lack of nicotine. This method is based on a very old method (Chinese medicine – reflexology) and modern technology (The Laser), the combination of the two allows for a reliable and lasting result. The LaserAddict® method is also unique in follow-up.


Our laser (CE certified and guaranteed French standards) was developed specifically for guaranteed application (power according to French standards) and efficient (without pain or side effects and without weight gain) stimulation of points (from the NOGIER technique) allows you to stop tobacco or cannabis addiction without experiencing the feeling of withdrawal from the product.

1-year warranty


unique method

A commitment and a unique method

Our technique is reliable and effective. However, no one is ever safe from relapse. Hard blows in life can lead to a high level of stress, sometimes leading to relapse, don't panic, the guarantee is taken into account and we promise to provide support within 5 working days. Anti-stress sessions can also be offered to alleviate the stress encountered! (See Well-being page) LaserAddict® can help you win the game in every way!

Personalized assistance

After your session with LaserAddict®, we give you advice to start your new tobacco-free life. We also provide monitoring and support by telephone to support you during your first months without nicotine.

Following the session, we recommend,stop completely smoking, using patches, nicorettes or even electronic cigarettes. Without this, the process of nicotine addiction starts again.

arrêter de fumer en 1 séance

High success rate

LaserAddict® Method has a very high success rate thanks to that unique and painless method
Consult our customer reviews and judge for yourself

Why stop smoking ?

7 million people die per year from tobacco consumption.
The average life expectancy of a smoker compared to a non-smoker is reduced by from 6 to 10 years.
The chances of survival from lung cancer, after diagnosis, are 10%.
Our calculator: 

Regain your:

Physical health

Mental health

Economic health

What happens when I quit smoking?

12 hours

Only half a day

After stopping, carbon monoxide levels fall, oxygen levels in the blood increase

12 hours

24 hours

24 hours later

The risk of heart attack is reduced and my lungs "breathe better", detoxifying themselves by eliminating mucus and smoke residues

24 hours

48 hours

48 hours later

The risk of cardiac arrest is greatly reduced.
Taste and smell improve as taste buds regenerate

48 hours

4 days

After an average of 4 days

All traces of nicotine disappear from human blood and organs.

4 days

1 year

1 year later

The risk of coronary insufficiency is halved

1 year

5 years

5 years later

I reduce my risk of developing certain cancers

5 years

10 and 15 years

Between 10 and 15 years later

My risk of cardiovascular disease is almost identical to that of a non-smoker

10 and 15 years

Why put your trust in Laseraddict®


Our practitioners are all experts in addictions and specialists in laser withdrawal. Their LaserAddict-certified training guarantees their expertise.

No stress - No weight gain

Free yourself from your addictions and stop smoking without weight gain, stress or pain.



Because every patient is different, we offer personalized support after the session.

1-year warranty

We guarantee our therapy for 1 year in the event of relapse. In the event of a relapse, we guarantee treatment within 5 days.

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